ScepThink Podcast #1: Robot Rights

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Hi everyone,

We’re starting up a new podcast featuring fun discussions on ideas, questions, science, politics, religion, current events… anything under the sun!

Let me start off by introducing the podcast. I’m Arun Cherian a.k.a @Cherrybhai, and this podcast is intended to be a platform to share and discuss ideas that are important or might become important in the near future. This shall be a regular feature and a strong focus on this series will be in making sense of our world through reason and dialogue.

In this pilot episode, we’re joined by Carl @PhysicistFrosty, a Physics nerd and maker of cool things, to discuss Robots Rights. In a world where the rate of advancement of science and technology is exponentially fast, robots with artificial intelligence are inevitable and may demand the same rights as human. We discuss how this might happen and whether Robots deserve rights.

Thanks to Denver for hosting this podcast. He’s an awesome guy.

Happy listening! 🙂

PS: You can share your ideas for discussion in future podcasts, as well as your suggestions and feedback over Twitter by tweeting @ScepThink or in the comments.

Stay Curious and Question Everything!