Story time: ISIS and Islam…

Yesterday an ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.

ISIS: Are you Muslims?

Man: Yes, we are Muslims.

ISIS: Okay. If you are Muslim, then recite a verse from the Quran.

Imaginary crimes…

One of the things that has brought human beings far ahead to every other animal on the planet is their conception of society. It wasn’t intentional; evolution drove us to it. We were evolving to be increasingly difficult to take care of as infants and it became necessary for humans to be closer to one another than they ever were. To ensure there was harmony among the members in a society, it was essential that they come up with a few ground rules. ‘Do not kill another one of us’, was a pretty reasonable request – so much that murder is universally considered a crime, almost. Somehow, the rulebooks of every single culture got that right. Of course, humans are not perfect as is evident from many of our fellow primates’ insistence to, most often physically, hurt those who abide by a different rulebook than theirs (which is basically what religious fundamentalism, fanaticism and patriotism is all about).