The extremely pseudoscientific Hinduism (Part 2)

When I published systematic deconstructions of 25 pseudoscientific claims about Hindu traditions, I felt I had overdone it. ‘I should’ve gone 5 or 10 at a time.’, I thought to myself. Yes, I did say that Hinduism is a goldmine and it wouldn’t be too long before more claims of that kind are made for me to refute, but one can never be too sure. Turns out my apprehension was for nothing. Hinduism has achieved the stature of being a self renewing source of bullshit.

You only ail once…

To me, evolution is the greatest theory ever. It does a remarkable job of explaining our existence and our relationship with every other living thing on the planet. The theory of evolution is implicit in many modern disciplines. The fields of biology and medicine would have no basis without it. It has been one of the most useful ideas in the history of humankind as it, in part, explains how diseases work and has helped us be better prepared against exploits to many of our weaknesses. We live longer than our ancestors did because of our knowledge of evolution.