Story time: ISIS and Islam…

Yesterday an ISIS member stopped the car of a Christian couple.

ISIS: Are you Muslims?

Man: Yes, we are Muslims.

ISIS: Okay. If you are Muslim, then recite a verse from the Quran.

Islam will die on earth…

I keep getting asked all the time why it is that I wouldn’t criticise Islam for all the evil its adherents have brought to this earth, and instead concentrate on “hurting the sentiments” of the “extremely tolerant” Hindus. The simple answer: I live in India, for now, and it’s Hindu lunacy which personally affects me more than any other religion. This is definitely not to suggest I don’t find Islam a reprehensible cult. I could write endlessly about the horrors brought forth by Islam’s true followers (the Islamic State) or assert my opinions on its significantly less truer followers (other comparable terrorist organisations) or the inactions of its supposedly devout followers (moderate Muslims) or the extremely distasteful goalpost shifting tactics of those championing Muslim theology, but to be honest, there is nothing I can think of that can viably add to what has already been said.