The extremely pseudoscientific Hinduism (Part 2)

When I published systematic deconstructions of 25 pseudoscientific claims about Hindu traditions, I felt I had overdone it. ‘I should’ve gone 5 or 10 at a time.’, I thought to myself. Yes, I did say that Hinduism is a goldmine and it wouldn’t be too long before more claims of that kind are made for me to refute, but one can never be too sure. Turns out my apprehension was for nothing. Hinduism has achieved the stature of being a self renewing source of bullshit.

Amazing pseudoscientific rationalisation of Hindu traditions…

Every so often, I come upon online articles suggesting that Hindu rites, rituals and traditions are scientific. That’s to say, the loony stuff they do all the time has lesser to do with their latent lunacy than to do with science. It’s extremely easy to call bullshit on those claims and their explanations; they reek of scientific illiteracy. That’s exactly what’s not happening though. Those articles are shared in the millions and it’s not all in jest. The majority of them actually believe it.